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The World’s First 
Patented Design Cooler for Tesla Models - S 3 X Y

The CNCT Cooler is a premium hard cooler with a Tesla inspired and award winning design.  

It is specifically designed for Tesla Models S, 3, X and Y (see details below) and will keep your food and drinks cool for up to 2 days.

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Designed for Model 3 & Tested to Fit Models Y, S and X

Most conventional coolers are too tall to fit in the unique storage spaces of a Tesla.  We make a practical and easy to carry cooler that fits and is ideal for road trips and taking the fun level to an 11!

  • ​Model Y sub-trunk & frunk
  • Model 3 sub-trunk (not the frunk)
  • Model X Pre-Refresh sub-trunk and frunk 
  • Model X Refresh frunk only (not the sub-trunk)
  • Model S Pre-Refresh sub-trunk and frunk (single & dual)(not compatible with refresh S frunk or sub-trunk)
  • Model S Refresh not compatible in frunk or sub-trunk
Keep Your Drinks & Food Cold For Up To 2 Days!

We've designed our Cooler with fully insulated lid up to 2 1/2" and walls 1 1/2" thick, sealing in cold / blocking out heat. These are features not found in an economy cooler. Why? No one likes warm drinks out of a cooler.  

And yes that's a magnetic bottle opener!

Made in America

When we say 'Made in America', we mean it. CNCT Coolers are proudly made in Lake City, Pennsylvania. We strive to produce a product with quality craftsmanship and superior design, made by real people, for real people, right in your own backyard.

AKA 20 regular cans

We struck a balance between thermal performance (wall & lid thickness), convenient carry weight when full and a practical capacity.

Holds 19 tall cans laying down.
Coolers don't have 
to be ugly

With award winning design and Tesla inspired aesthetics, your Cooler can be a centerpiece and something you're proud of.  Ugly coolers that are hidden away are a thing of the past.

Impress family and friends at the next meetup or supercharger. Maybe surprise a stranger with a cold drink or snack.



Get the Perfect Sized Cooler for Your Tesla

This is an early production video demonstrating the usage in the Model 3.  The CNCT Cooler was originally designed solely for the Model 3.  However we quickly tested prototypes and realized how great it fits with the Y, S and X (frunk and sub-trunk).

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